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Why take the IELTS with us?

​.IDP | IELTS Certified

Our tutors are not just proficient English tutors, they are IELTS certified tutors.

MOD / British Council Partner

We are authorised partners of MOD and British Council - the only IELTS registrars in Nigeria.

High Band Scores

In all sections of the IELTS, a minimum of 7.5 is assured.

Small Class-Size

Our teacher-student ratio is 1:8 and even one-on-one on-demand  tutorial for optimum delivery.

Unlimited Full Practices

We'll take you through full unlimited IELTS practice tests and even mock exams

Round the Clock Learner Guide

We run a 24/7 support for our students - we don't stop learning.

No. 1 IELTS Center in Lagos

Effective IELTS Writing Guide

"...we know what the examiner expects from you to attain 8.00 on either the IELTS Academic or IELTS General writing tasks"

IELTS Training Center in Ikorodu
IELTS Speaking practice

Experts IELTS Listening Strategies

"8.5 is the least we can guarantee for the listening; we guide you with the best IELTS listening tips"

Top-notch IELTS Reading Styles

"Our IELTS reading strategies and skills in identifying the main points and the right answers are second to none"

IELTS reading methods

High Score IELTS Speaking Tips

"Our IELTS speaking methodologies and skills in ensuring you have accuracy in fluency and coherence is impeccable"

Our ClassModel
Physical IELTS Class
Online IELTS Class
Personalised IELTS Class
PayPer Session {PaPerS}
Physical IELTS Class

Class Schedule

Session 1Session 2
 9am - 11pm 11am-1pm


5 weeks,

40hrs Lessons



Next Class

30th October - 30th November, 2023

(session 2)

Online IELTS Class

Class Schedule


any 2 days in a week


5 weeks,

20hrs Lessons



Next Class

flexible - as demanded by student

Personalised IELTS Class

Class Schedule Options

 Mondays - Thursdays Saturdays & Sundays

24hrs Lessons

 3 weeks 5 weeks



Next Class


PayPer Session {PaPerS}

Class Schedule




1 day,

2hrs Lesson



Next Class

flexible - as demanded by student

Payments can also be made via bank trasfer to Banker: Zenith | Acct Name: English Den Enterprise | Acct Number: 1016533708


Depending on your purpose of writing, you would have to decide on which IELTS type you want to write, both of which have different prices. Please check with your recipient institution(s) to confirm the IELTS type that you need. Irrespective of the IELTS type, we are your right plug for IELTS registration


IELTS UKVI registration is necessary if you want to use the TRF in the UK either as a student or general immigrant. The IELTS UKVI is a SELT exam and would be necessary if SELT is part of the the requirement in your English proficiency need and it currently cots 116,000NGN


If the SELT is not require as part of your English proficiency test need, then Standard IELTS would be your best fit. This, like the IELTS UKVI could be either General or Academic; test takers would have to ascertain the one that is suitable for them. Standard IELTS is 107,500NGN

.IELTS Dates in Lagos

** September 9th, 2023September 9th, 2023 
September 14th, 2023
September 14th, 2023 
September 23rd, 2023 September 23rd, 2023
**October 7th, 2023October 7th, 2023 
October 12th, 2023October 12th, 2023
October 21st, 2023October 21st, 2023 
October 28th, 2023October 28th, 2023 
November 4th, 2023November 4th, 2023 
November 9th, 2023November 9th, 2023 
November 18th, 2023November 18th, 2023
**November 25th, 2023November 25th, 2023 
December 2nd, 2023December 2nd, 2023
**December 7th, 2023December 7th, 2023 
December 9th, 2023December 9th, 2023
December 16th, 2023December 16th, 2023 

Please note that all dates quoted are specific to Lagos State and are all Paper Based test. If you want dates for a specific location or dates for Computer Delivered, please call our help lines. Also, the asterick (**) dates are IELTS test dates in Ikorodu, available at the IELTS Centre in Ikorodu


What is the IELTS Pass Mark?

IELTS has no pass or fail. It is an English proficiency test graded on a scale of 0-9. Your target score is dependent on the scores recipient or purpose of writing.

Does the result expires?

Your Test Report Form (TRF) is valid for a very long period. However, most organisations accept results not later than 2 years.

Which of the IELTS type should I write?

The purpose of writing the exam largely determines whether you will take the IELTS General or IELTS Academic, which may also be either Standard or UKVI. It is important you check with the recipient institutions to take the right decision. Meanwhile, if you want to use the result for studies or admission, the IELTS Academic would be required; immigration and other related purposes would require the IELTS General

When is the result released?

Your Test Report Form (TRF) becomes available 13 days after taking the test if you have written the Paper Delivered. However, if you take the Computer Delivered, result is released 3-5 days after the exam. The result would also be available online.

How is the exam administered?

The speaking session of the IELTS holds, most times, some days before or after the other sessions. The Writing, Reading, and Listening holds on the same day. This is generally applicable to Computer Delivered IELTS. On the other hand, all sections are written the same day if candidate choose to write the Paper Delivered.

How much does it cost to to take the exam with English Den?

IELTS fees vary depending on the module to be taken. Generally, IELTS registration costs 107,500 or 116,000 for IELTS Standard and UKVI respectively. These fees are subject to changes at the discretion of the administrative bodies.