English Den Enterprise
English Den Enterprise
sister organisation of Spectrum Global Edu

Before sending us a message, please check through the previously asked questions.

What is English Den?

English Den is an English language learning hub where English language learning challenges are solved by providing private English language teachers or teach at a designated centre; for teachers, English Den also offers teaching resources via the blog site and physical training. Student can also through our social media handles, get periodic learning updates

Is English Den available across Nigeria?

For our Home Tutoring services, we are currently available in Ilorin and anywhere in Lagos. All other resources are available for anyone around the globe.

How much does English Den charge?

We charge a reasonable unfixed amount. Our charges are determined by many factors like learners need, location, time schedule, e.t.c

How & When Do I Pay?

All payments are strictly bank transfer or online through Paystack and payments are made after the first contact session.

Is There Refund for Payment?

Yes, there is. Please read our Money Back Guarantee Policy

What Age Do You Work With?

We work with anyone from age 6 or Basic 1

What is On-Site English Learning?

The On-Site English Learning is a designated site for class schedule. For now, our English classes are only available in Ikorodu, Lagos.

There is no Response to my Question?

We are sorry to hear that. You can reach us to answer your question(s) by calling 08166696016 or use the contact below or better still send an e-mail to [email protected]